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The Power of Divine Delay
Many times in the scriptures do we read things like – “The bridegroom was delayed …” (Matt. 25:5) ...
When the Wind Runs Out of Breath
When the wind runs out of breath The earth will not know its’ coming test But the bondservants will be wise Doing great exploits with fire in their eyes
Walk The River
The Poisoned Well
The very definition of “complacency” according to the Bible is far from missing a few quiet times or skipping church (although these could very well contribute) but is actually found in Zeph. 1:12 –
Walk The River
Here's To the Crazy Ones
Francis, you’re a crazy prophetic dreamer… So says Pastor Mark Driscoll, as he sits across the table with fellow Reformed Pastor Josh Harris from Francis Chan. You’d need a Ginsu to cut through the tension in the darkened room where they sit.
Walk The River

Coming Soon: Ryan's First Book

Title and more information coming soon. Planned release: Christmas 2016!

About Ryan

Ryan W. Couch lives, works, and pastors in Kansas City alongside his wife and two daughters.

He's passionate to see this generation discover the real Jesus and the true gospel.