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God's Heart & Plan in the Last Days

God's Heart & Plan in the Last Days

Jul 2013

There are approximately 300 scripture in the Old Testament related to Jesus' First Coming, and every one was fulfilled! Shockingly, there are over 2400 scriptures in the Old and New Testaments that deal with Jesus' Second Coming. That's over 8x the amount, and yet is it possible we have relegated their study to some "side-subject" called "The End-Times" only reserved for debating scholars? Have we missed part of our inheritance as the children of God by neglecting this vast subject about our Lord and Savior? In this 7-part series, Ryan sets the stage for a serious study of the last days and God's heart and plan to exalt His Son in all the earth. Focusing on removing common misconceptions and paving the way for everyone to understand the plain meaning of what the Bible says about the future, Ryan dives deep into the Scripture - that we might shine His light in the midst of dark times. (Recorded at Mosaic House of Prayer in Katy, TX in July 2013)

Sermons in this series
Thu, Jul 11, 2013
The end of the world is not coming. The Bible declares that the earth "abides forever" but this current age will surely end, and Jesus Christ will usher in a new one at His coming! As Alpha and Omega, we begin by understanding all of history as "His story" and what is yet to come.
Thu, Jul 11, 2013
Jesus gave us clear warning signs to watch for in relation to the End-Times. However, many have clouded His words to fit into various paragdigms instead of heeding the call for heart-preparation unto full witness in the Last-Days.
Wed, Jul 10, 2013
As we begin to dig deeper into the prophetic "signposts" that Jesus gave us, we turn to Daniel where we learn that how God has always worked is a great precedent to how He will work in the future.
Tue, Jul 09, 2013
Jesus was specifically asked about the Time of the End and what to watch for in expectation of His coming. His sermon in Matthew 24-25 is rich in implications for today's church.
Mon, Jul 08, 2013
The Bible warns of a coming ruler that will have all of the worst characteristics of historical empires combined. He will be "the man of sin" and perfect "the mystery of lawlessness" in the earth. We, however, are called to live by faith and not by fear - therefore what must we understand about the coming Antichrist?
Sun, Jul 07, 2013
Jeremiah once saw a vision of a man in labor pains as if he was about to give birth. God's beloved nation of Israel, the Bible declares, will go through such an intense time of trouble and persecution in the last days that no-time will have ever been like it. What's God's purpose? To birth a new age, bring the King back to earth, and fully redeem Israel!
Sat, Jul 06, 2013
One day the sky will split and the King of Kings will ride prosperously back to earth for the cause of humility and justice. In righteousness He will reign, but what does the Bible say about HOW and WHEN He comes, and WHAT he will do.
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