Item 1
Ryan's latest message preached at a leaders' training for FCF-KC, highlighting the necessity of shepherding into the depths of the gospel.
Item 6
There are approximately 300 scripture in the Old Testament related to Jesus' First Coming, and every one was fulfilled! Shockingly, there are over 2400 scriptures in the Old and New Testaments that deal with Jesus' Second Coming.
Item 3
Flock of birds, taking flight Just longing, to see the heights With tattered wings, they reach and sing Pressing farther, ‘gardless the sting
Item 4
Online journal chronicling the transition from now to the Dawning Day.
Walk The River
Item 5
Francis feels a fresh courage to surrender everything, to lay down his life and many existing norms and methods of church life to yield Himself as a vessel for God to move in a fresh way.
Item 2
Join Ryan, Bryan Purtle, Reggie Kelly, and Fred London for a biblical exploration of the future of the Church of Jesus Christ. Conference held in Overland Park, KS in March 2015.

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